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Finest Swiss beef from small family-run farms. These Swiss farms set the standard when it comes to animal welfare, with strict regulations and independent audits, plus voluntary additional welfare programs and comprehensive training of the farm owners.

Breed: Limousin, Charolais, Simmental, Blonde d’Aquitaine or Angus
Slaughter Age: approx. 18 months
Feeding: Gras, hay and grain
Aging: wet aged, min 3 weeks

Our Morucha beef is the work of our farmer Eloy, who is the third generation of his family to offer this exclusive product. Together with his father and brother, he breeds 280 head of cattle on 800 hectares of savanna. The animals live in wild, natural surroundings and live mainly on grass, herbs and acorns. The pleasant consistency, fine texture and intensive taste make Morucha beef absolutely irresistible.

Breed: Morucha
Slaughter Age: 12 motnhs
Feeding: Gras, hay, herbs and grain

The creative minds from LUMA have traveled numerous times to Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas over the years, during which time they have built up a trusted relationship with the farmers living there. The USDA Prime/USDA Choice seal of quality at these small, independent meat manufacturers indicates products that we can include in our range without a second thought. Only between 1 and 3% of cattle reach prime standard. The cattle grazes on idyllic, open savanna land across the American Midwest. The “NonHormone Treated” label also indicates conclusively that the animals have not been fed with any hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. Breed: Black Angus Slaughter Age: 26 months Feeding: Gras, hay and 150 days grain fed Aging: wet aged min. 6 weeks


Bison has a high protein and iron content, resulting in a unique culinary experience. Our bison meat comes from the natural habitat of these animals, specifically the prairies of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Montana, as well as North and South Dakota. The bison are semi-wild, roaming on expansive landscapes where they naturally graze on grasses and 180 different herbs. On these farms, the animals adhere to American organic standards, and their diet of natural forage contributes to a flavorful, slightly sweetened taste in the meat.

Breed: Bison
Slaughter Age: 24 months
Feeding: Gras and herbs
Aging: wet aged min. 3 weeks

The Eringer cows are one of the smallest breeds in Europe, known for their agility and fighting spirit. On the Alpage de Mille in Val de Bagnes, these animals spend the summer, nourishing themselves with lush grass and aromatic mountain herbs. Sustainability, nature-oriented breeding methods, and the preservation of the Swiss cultural landscape have inspired us to offer the meat of this breed. We age the Eringer meat on the bone, allowing us to “get the maximum potential out of the meat.” It may not be as popular or necessarily the most tender meat, but in terms of taste, it’s phenomenal. Once you try it, you’ll be delighted.

Breed: Walliser Eringer
Slaughter Age: 8-10 years
Feeding: Gras, herbs and hay
Aging: 6-8 weeks dry aged in house

Charra cattle – a mix of Morucha and French Charolais breeds – live on Victor Molino’s expansive fields in Salamanca and feed on juicy acorns, grass and herbs. Instead of harvesting the ears of grain, our farmer Victor lets his cows take care of things nat urally. This meat grade is always a highlight thanks to its buttery and nutty taste.

Breed: Charra
Slaughter Age: 25 months
Feeding: Gras, hay, herbs and grain
Aging: wet aged, min. 3 weeks

LUMA only uses cuts from free-range cows from across Switzerland and Spain. In the LUMA process, the meat matures on the bone for up to 56 days with the addition of a natural noble mold. The quality cuts then develop their unmistakable nutty aroma, leading to a taste experience that is absolutely one of a kind.

Breed: Limousin, Charolais, Simmental, Blonde d’Aquitaine or Black Angus
Slaughter Age: 18 months
Feeding: Gras, hay and grain
Aging: 6 weeks dry aged with LUMA special mold

Our veal is of the highest quality. It is wonderfully tender and has a pink to light-red color thanks to the balanced diet of the animals. The meat has a white, robust fat coating. The best cuts are reserved specially for us.

For this unique, healthy Swiss pork, the pedigree pigs are fed with natural products and a large amount of linseed. As a result, Omega-3 fatty acids – which are important for the human body – form in the pork fat. In the LUMA process, the meat matures on the bone for up to 35 days with the addition of a noble mold. The cuts then develop an unmistakable aroma, leading to a taste experience that is absolutely one of a kind.

Breed: Edelschwein
Slaughter age: 6 months
Feeding Gras, grain and linseeds
Aging: 4 weeks dry aged with LUMA special mold

Imagine having one hectare of land per animal. If you take a four -room apartment in Switzerland measuring 100 square meters, then each of Carlos Gonzales’ Iberico pigs lives on land covering 100 of these apartments. The pigs are reared in the oak forests of Salamanca. When the acorns drop in the fall, each pig eats around 6 kilos per day. Thanks to this special menu, the meat develops a delicate, slightly nutty aroma and strong marbling, thus allowing it to reach the highest grade – “Bellota”.

Breed: Pata Negra Bellota
Slaughter age: 2-2.5 years
Feeding: acorns and herbs
Aging: wet aged, min. 3 weeks

Our New Zealand lamb is sourced from certified, sustainable farms and is available all year round in the highest quality. The animals live on lush, expansive meadows between the sea and mountains. The lamb is a delicacy among connoisseurs and impresses thanks to its mild flavor and tenderness.

Our Ribelmais chicken originates from the French Sasso breed (Label Rouge). The animals are reared in small flocks and have a lot of space outdoors to exercise in. The chickens are bred for twice as long as normal, which leads to a sensational meat quality. In addition to slow growth, this is also thanks to the animals being fed almost exclusively with Rheintaler Ribelmais corn.

Breed: Sasso (Label Rouge)
Slaughter Age: 2-3 months
Feeding: Ribelmais and gras

This salmon is lightly salted and smoked in cherry wood. The list of ingredients is small – sea salt, a little sugar and wood chips for smoking. Preservatives, additives and other magic potions are dispensed with entirely. The fish used for LUMA smoked salmon comes from a farm certified by Friends of the Sea (FOS) on Loch Canaird in northwest Scotland.

Wagyu means “Japanese beef” (Wa = Japanese and Gyu = beef) and is an indicator of origin. The cattle has been selectively bred by Japanese farmers for several generations. All Wagyu cuts are characterized by their powerful taste and unbelievable tenderness . We offer Wagyu beef from Australia and Japan. Each breeder has developed an individual program of animal rearing and feeding in their own country, meaning each Wagyu cut has its own unique taste.

Breed: Japanese Black & Red / Wagyu & Black Angus F1 (50/50)
Slaughter age: 36 months / 18 months
Feeding: Gras hay, herbs, corn and algae and 780 days grain feed / Gras, hay, and 420 days grain fed
Aging: wet aged, min. 3 weeks / wet aged, min. 6 weeks

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